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HB 15/SB 27- New bills exempt ethics disclosure of specific planning commission members

In Agenda 21 on January 14, 2013 at 8:53 AM

A new bill exempts ethics disclosure of specific county planning commission members; “Agenda 21” plot suspected

Just filed in the TN State legislature is a bill that exempts members appointed to specific county planning commissions from having to disclose any potential conflicts of interest to the State Ethics Commission. Besides this obvious and blatant attempt to remove any accountability or transparency, one has to ask “if they have nothing to hide, then why are they trying to hide their conflicts of interest?”

When one submits a bill such as this you have to ask the obvious question, why? Why are so many political bureaucrats attempting to hide conflicts of interest? One would think that if they are wanting to hide something, to keep it out of view, you would assume those involved stand to gain greatly from their decisions and they do not want anyone to know of it.

In otherwords, let’s say a planning commissioner owns a construction company and that person and his company are awarded a lucrative multi million dollar contract if only that commissioner pushes consensus and votes yes on his own back door deal.

Normally that would be a conflict of interest and that deal would be exposed and nullified because a voting member of a planning commission shouldn’t be able to fleece the taxpayer and vote in a sweet deal for him/her and their construction company.

The decision to hide this speaks volumes of the integrity of these representatives. Who is in their pocket in this deal? Who has access to them? Do they stand to benefit monetarily from many contracts? The possibilities are endless and the exemption of conflict of interest could mean the “good ole boy” club will get wealthy on the backs of the taxpayer and not a person will know anything about it.

The most curious part of this bill is that it only applies to the planning commission members in very specific counties within the bill sponsor’s district. Furthermore, some grassroots activists and policy experts are concerned this may be an attempt to sneak Agenda 21 into Tennessee.

The county planning commissions are trying to exempt from disclosure are Campbell, Fentress, Morgan, Pickett, Rhea, Roane, Scott.

One expert speaking on the condition of anonymity said “this looks like a back-door way to expand the Knox County / PlanET into other counties within the state via a UN Agenda 21 scheme without anyone knowing what is going on”.

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These guys have to know that this is the most ridiculous bill of the young session.

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