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Bradley County News, Off and Running!

In Uncategorized on June 13, 2011 at 4:28 AM

Today June 13th, 2011, a new leaf has been turned over. A goal for many months and years has finally come to fruition! A news reporting blog in Bradley County that tells the untold story and an outlet to balance the news that goes out in our local media. I feel privileged to have this opportunity to express myself daily if I need to or weekly if I have to, but finally a place to go to hear the other news that often does not make the front page. I will attempt to take news directly from the headlines of our local newspapers and other media outlets and review every major article and mirror that article with a new thought to be known as Bradley County News!  A first of its kind in Bradley County that I am aware of.

My writing style is usually pretty loose and not too regimented with no formal training and may even lack correct grammar structure and really hack people off on occasion. I am ok with that and I share the belief that if I am ticking people off I have done what I need to do, draw attention to the real story that may be lurking in the shadows. I want to not only provide a source to get information out in the community to educate the people of Bradley County but to be a resource for people who are fed up with the way our left wing, biased media are manipulating the news to set their own agenda. I started this blog for the sole reason that while nearly 20 years of living in Bradley County I have seen local media manipulate the news which influences the public to their agenda with no balance at all with reporting.  I have attempted to get the “real news” out and for years only to get squashed by the larger media print. I sent my last long, lengthy, detailed letter to the editor about a week ago knowing all too well that the  information I presented would never see print because of its exposure of the truth. So guess what, I created my own source of reporting and informing and I no longer feel the need to write another letter to the editor, although I may if I choose, but now I can write “LETTERS TO THE EDITOR”  everyday if I choose. So now you know part of my motivation, the other part will present it self as the blogging continues.

So, if you want fluff and sugar coated reporting you might as well turn around and go buy the local media papers and go cry  to your momma cause the news here will be different from what you hear on radio and newspapers everywhere. The content may be hard to swallow and may make grown adults blush but the intent is balance that hasnt been in our local media coverage for years.

Set back enjoy the ride, get mad if you want, let out a scream at something I have written and when you do and believe me you will, my job will be done and my day made.  I seek to inform and investigate then report my findings on a frequent basis, tell your friends to come and watch the show while we balance and restore our local community reporting to a different standard.


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