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Governor Haslam appoints Sharia Compliant Finance expert to head Tenn. Development Council

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Creeping Sharia! This is what this is. Governor Haslam, mockingly called Hislam has allowed the great state of Tennessee to be encroached upon and has opened that door ever so lightly to allow Sharia to sneak into our state and have a direct influence over our Economic and Community Development. Huge mistake and we will not see the enormity of this mistake as by design this is the way it all gets started, slowly at first then total control. One appointment at a time, one proverbial block at a time till the complete wall is built. The Muslims consider Sharia to be the ultimate law of the land, even above our own Constitution. Governor Haslam making this appointment has put every Christian and person in this state at a distinct disadvantage as he has essentially surrendered our sovereignty to a foreign entity who happens to believe that the only path to that euphoric abyss is total submission to Islam.

I can here the nay slingers even as I am typing. “Don’t you think that is a little extreme to think that way?” The gradual introduction of Sharia and Muslims into our culture is by design. Their influence grows into complete control of the economy and the culture then no one dares remove them. That would be politically incorrect. They are creeping in and our governor has opened the door. It’s time to replace the governor and put in a representative of the people who will protect our state instead of giving it away to Sharia influence.

Complete biography of Samar Ali

An Unacceptable Appointment

07/06/2012 – 16:29
Governor Haslam’s recent appointment of Samar Ali, an Islamist and professional facilitator in Shariah Compliant Finance, to head the International Division of the Tennessee Economic and Community Development Council has generated significant concerns among many Tennesseans.  Some (e.g., members of the 8th District Tea Party Coalition, the 7th District Tea Party and 9-12 Coalition, and other liberty groups around both Tennessee and the country) have expressed our outrage and disgust over this appointment to our elected leaders.  To be clear, our concern is not with Ms. Ali personally, but instead with the lack of wisdom Governor Haslam and his administration have exhibited with respect to the documented dangers inherent in political Islam and Shariah Compliant Finance in particular.

To further inform the citizens of the great State of Tennessee regarding the threat to our national security posed by political Islamists – a threat previously documented by numerous agencies at the federal, state and local levels – we have established the web site http://www.billhislam.com.   Our intent and hope is that as many Tennesseans as possible will become educated with respect to why this appointment and any other government sanction of Shariah Compliant Finance (SCF) and Political Shariah represent very real inherent threats to our state and country.  

It should be noted that “political” is the operative word in this discussion.  Contrary to what many members of the media and the Haslam Administration would have the public believe, we are not interested in preventing Muslims from peacefully worshiping as they please.  As constitutionalists, we staunchly support the free exercise of religion reinforced by the First Amendment.  Our opposition is to political Islam and the promotion of Shariah in our state.

Based on the definition of Islamist scholars, Shariah is “the perfect expression of divine will and justice and is therefore the supreme law that must comprehensively govern all aspects of life.”  Islam itself literally means “submission”.  It is no coincident that political Islamists adherents interpret that expression of divine will and justice to include such widespread Islamist brutalities as killing those that leave Islam and subjugating all non-Muslims by force, if necessary.

A world ruled by Shariah is the goal of organizations such as al-Qaida, Hamas, Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood.  They refer to this as the ‘inevitable’ global caliphate.  This ideology directly led to the attacks on September 11th, 2001, as well as numerous other Islamist terrorist attacks preceding and following 9/11.

It is understood that not all Islamists are inclined to acts of physical violence.  Shariah also justifies the direct and indirect financial support of both violent and stealth jihad.  In fact, the term “jihad with money” was coined by the spiritual guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, SheikhYusuf al-Qaradawi. 

As a result of a 2004 raid in Annondale, Virginia, the FBI discovered the blueprint for the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan for stealthily taking over America utilizing “Civilization Jihad”.  Civilization Jihad specifically incorporates the use of Shariah Compliant Finance and zakat, or Islamic charities.  Civilization Jihad also involves infiltrating and taking over institutions and businesses.  Of course, increasing political influence is also a key component.

In order for political Islamist to accomplish their stated goals, they note that the use of deception is required.  The history of political Islamist conquest reveals they will be nice to us and hide their true intentions only as long as necessary.  In fact, this principle of deception is codified within Islamist doctrine via taqiyya (sanctioned lying and deception) and hudna (the making and breaking of agreements based only on whether it is advantageous to the Islamists).  

Whether furthering Civilization Jihad or funding Taliban IED attacks on U.S. troops, Shariah Compliant Finance has been repeatedly documented to be one of the financial vehicles used to further both the violent and stealth goals of political Islamists – their ultimate goal being the establishment of total Islamist global domination.  Unfortunately, we now have an influential state official whose self-declared expertise is Shariah Compliant Finance.

The fact that all of the above information is well known and easily verifiable brings the judgment of the Haslam Administration into question.  Not only have numerous federal convictions been secured against Islamists using Shariah Compliant Finance and zakat to fund Islamist terrorism, the facts are known to anyone who has ever done even basic research on radical Islamist organizations.  How can these same facts not be common knowledge to the Tennessee Department of Homeland Security and the Haslam Administration?

The question remains to be answered as to why the Haslam Administration specifically elected to make the political appointment of Ms. Samar Ali to the position that oversees Tennessee’s international trade offices.  It is puzzling that an internationally known expert, facilitator and advocate of Shariah Compliant Finance is seen by Governor Haslam to be more qualified than other candidates well versed in the promotion of Tennessee industry.  Governor Haslam and his staff have yet to seriously address this critical question, instead choosing to respond to inquiries with diversionary strawmen and attacks on those with legitimate concerns.

Perhaps Governor Haslam places great faith in the judgment of the Obama Adminstration since Ms. Ali did serve as an Obama Administration White House Fellow.  Perhaps the governor believes that Ms. Ali’s former top secret security clearance granted when she worked with Janet Napolitano’s senior staff at the Department of Homeland Security makes her trustworthy.  If so, Governor Haslam should also consider Napolitano appointee Mohammed Elibiary who held top secret clearance and membership on Napolitano’s advisory committee despite praising Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini and former Muslim Brotherhood leader Sayyid Qutb at a 2004 conference in their honor.

Ms. Ali’s appointment may represent a pattern of behavior for Governor Haslam with respect to the using state government for the preferential promotion of Islamist principles.  In November of 2011, the governor signed a partnership with the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC).  We can only imagine the outrage if he were to sign a partnership with a Christian equivalent!  The AMAC partnership was made surreptitiously and later deemed unconstitutional by the Tennessee State Attorney General.  Even more troubling are the ties between the AMAC and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Regardless of whatever justification or rationalization Governor Haslam may be invoking with respect to his administration’s decisions to promote political Islam, the end result is the same. Our Governor is using state funds and influence to assist in the promotion and entrenchment of Shariah.  To say Governor Haslam’s actions in this regard are a slap in the face to the families of those who have lost fathers, sons, brothers and friends protecting our nation from the war of terror initiated by political Islamists is a gross understatement!  For those of us who have lost loved ones in this ongoing war, Governor Haslam’s actions are as despicable as spitting on their graves.

When all is said and done, there is no level of economic benefit that Samar Ali’s “abilities or qualifications” can bring to the State of Tennessee that will make this appointment right.  If anything, the position to which Ms. Ali was appointed should be filled with a Tennessean whose abilities and qualifications clearly coincide with the promotion of the products of Tennessee’s industries.  If Governor Haslam intends to make political Islamist approved financial instruments one of those industries at the risk of a percentage going to fund Islamist terrorism, we do not believe the vast majority of Tennesseans will support his pursuit of money stained by the blood of those who truly understood the threat posed by same. 

It is frightening to think what tenet of Shariah Governor Haslam will next seek to promote.


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