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TVA time of use rates are gonna break the bank!

In Agenda 21, cleveland utilities on October 12, 2011 at 10:37 AM

Time of day pricing?

What is that?

It is basically a way for you to be charged more for what electricity you use while you are awake, based on your pattern of use! It also pads the pockets of the Utilities companies that are involved! In this case, Cleveland Utilities in Bradley County!

Here is a simplified version of how it works as I see it!

TVA sells electricity to Cleveland utilities at wholesale, the Utility company sells it like retail! Cleveland utilities sells it to you at a strong profit!

In between the Utilities and the consumer (you) is where the water gets a little murky!

Cleveland Utilities brings in a “smart meter” to be placed in 30,000 homes in Cleveland City so that a pattern of use can be established!

The “smart meter” sends a message back to Cleveland Utilities telling them what your pattern of use is! Then Cleveland Utilities applies the cost to you from the grid below and ask you to pay accordingly based on your pattern of usage!  Higher rates for peak(more use)and lower rates for non peak times!

If you are a simple mathematician, here you can pick up on the scam and what will equate to Cleveland Utilities as a big paycheck!

Let’s assume that in a perfect world we do exactly as Cleveland Utilities and TVA desires! We see the peak and off peak times as a roller coaster, a rolling hill, so to speak!

I make a concious effort to do all they tell me! Don’t use power on my peak time and use it more on off peak times! This to me does one thing! It flattens the curve! It makes the hills flatten and a pattern of use established somewhere along a median price, where no high or low use pricing is rewarded! A constant median set at a high price based on poor mathematics and your current pattern of use! Basically according to the rate below the utilities will benefit from the weather forcing you to use electricity at the 16 cent per KWH and not the less convenient 3 cents per KWH as it appears in off peak times!

The smart meters capture all this data and send you a huge bill, and the math of it all based on average use!

The 2035 BCC growth plan calls for great capital input from Cleveland Utilities to fund the growth plan and assists with it multiple millions needed! The City has once again placed the burden of growth on the Citizens of this county and once again are taking food from your families mouth to theirs!

Taxation without any representation, no matter how it is done should not be tolerated! This is essentially a tax on the citizens of Bradley County because it will increase your bill and put more money into the hands of these Non Governmental entities that assist the local government with its efforts. In this capacity, although well representd by our City Mayor and several councilmen! You would think at some point a “conflict of interest” would stop this madness!

Check out these rates below and look at the disparity in time of use!

What happened to the good ole days when you simy used electricity and then you paid your bill! It has goneto  big business, it has moved from providing a service to how much money can I make off the consumer?

From the TVA website:
Seasonal and time-of-day prices are reflecting varying demand for power at different seasons and times of the day.
A typical annual average price could be 5.5 cents per kWh, with pricing varying between 16 cents per kWh on hot, high-demand afternoons in July and August, and 3.5 cents in early morning hours in the fall and spring.
The same prices will apply to all technologies, with the average hourly base price escalated annually by a constant percentage over the length of the contract.
Because prices for generation are higher during periods of peak demand, technologies that operate during peak hours (for example, solar) will receive the benefit of higher prices during those periods.
Pricing Example      
Contract prices escalate 3 percent per year beginning in 2012. TVA can adjust the relevant levels of seasonal and time-of-day prices by 1 percent per year, but the annual average will always escalate at 3 percent. For complete details of pricing, see the Renewable Standard Offer Contract.
Month Time of Day (CPT) Base Price (¢/kWh)
July & August Mon-Fri 12pm-8pm 15.966
Mon-Fri 6am-12pm and 8pm-12am;
Sat & Sun 6am-12am 6.420
Everyday 12am-6am 4.078
June & September Mon-Fri 12pm-8pm 8.139
Mon-Fri 6am-12pm and 8pm-12am;
Sat & Sun 6am-12am 5.263
Everyday 12am-6am 3.963
January & February Mon-Fri 6am-10pm 5.937
Mon-Fri 10pm-12am;
Sat & Sun 6am-12am 4.868
Everyday 12am-6am 4.278
December & March Mon-Fri 6am-10pm 5.596
Mon-Fri 10pm-12am;
Sat & Sun 6am-12am 4.717
Everyday 12am-6am 4.151
April, May, October, & November Mon-Fri 6am-10pm 5.616
Mon-Fri 10pm-12am;
Sat & Sun 6am-12am 4.431
Everyday 12am-6am 3.793

Can you see where bad weather is the friend of the utilities, for that matter, good weather is to their advantage, wait a minute its all favorable to the Utilities company bottom line! Now I get it!!!

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