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Cleveland TN Town Hall meeting set to discuss plans for Downtown Central City Area

In Uncategorized on July 15, 2012 at 2:54 PM

This Tuesday, July 17th, 2012, the Tea Party of Bradley County hosts a town hall meeting to discuss the growth in the downtown Cleveland Tennessee Central area. The meeting will be held at the Cleveland/Bradley County public library on Church street at 630 pm.

As many of you may know the Cleveland City Council and Mayor Tom Rowland has vehemently denied that 300 homes in the downtown area was set to be demolished and redeveloped. A flyer controversy erupted with the Mayor disputing the information from the flyer which resulted in the Mayor and City Council passing a resolution 7 to 0 to hunt down, arrest and expose the person or persons passing out these so called “untruthful and misleading literature!”

Little did the Mayor know that while he was ranting about the drafted plan being unbelieveable, untruthful and a scare tactic to scare senior citizens in the area, the plan that he and his council approved was the actual wording that was included in the plan he was admonishing.

Six days after he made a hasty news conference he announced along with Planner Greg Thomas that the plan had been changed in a private meeting because so many people didn’t like it. The changes were made unaware to the public and all the public had was the last public information given out at the last Charette at the mall.

Our question is to the planners and our councilmen is when are we going to get the real draft? When are we going to see the “real” plan? Is this going to be a pattern for future meetings? Are we going to get a public drafted plan and have a hidden private plan on the side?

Plans that are this fluid are no good to the public if they are going to be changed once the public is made aware behind closed private doors.

We are hoping our elected leaders who have been elected to lead us will show up and tell us what the plans are for our future. We are also hoping the planners are going to show up and tell us which plan are we to believe.

All members of the council and the Mayor have been sent certified letters and emails inviting them to this meeting to address the citizens concerns.

We are seeking answers, real answers to Growth concerns! If we are going to be given one drafted plan only to have the plans changed secretly behind a closed door with no public notice, the least we deserve is to have the opportunity to address our concerns.

Come and visit with us on Tuesday at the library, bring someone with you and ask some questions.

Please pass this news realease through your email lists and on Facebook. We are hoping to see a big crowd for this event.
See ya there!

SD21: The new Agenda 21 plan to roll out at RIo+20 Summitt in June

In Agenda 21 on March 25, 2012 at 1:22 PM

Here it is! I believe a new plan to enhance Agenda 21 has been uncovered and about to be rolled out for implementation at the RIO+20 Summit in Rio de Janiero, Brazil in June 2012 as leaders from 179 countries of the world descend upon her to discuss ways to make our world more sustainable!

The New Agenda 21 plan as we have never seen it! Not a single blog about it that I could find! Not a single conservative blog written about it to date! This plan is in its earliest stages! ONLY A FEW DAYS OLD!

The new Agenda 21 plan is seemingly being called SD21! A definite spin off of the Agenda 21 plan that we have heard so much about since 1992 and beyond!

The movement to secure a New World Order is shifting into place and the puzzle us coming together!

This newly discovered (at least new to me and I believe the world) plan is moving into the final implementation phase of Agenda 21! I personally think their is an accelerated effort being exerted lately because our Nation as well as our elected officials are starting to wake up and realize this plan is sinister and is way more expansive than we ever once thought!

I am only beginning to read the 412 page document, 39 chapter plan with emphasis on 39, (it used to be 40) (attached as a link below) and my full understanding of it is limited at the time of the blog but I feel it is chocked full of information about our eventual slide into a Socialist utopia!

The European Union it seems is influencing the UN and the International Chamber of Commerce to be a willing pawn to fully implement this newly named Agenda 21 program known to the world now as SD21!

The International Chamber of Commerce has committed to the implementation through a document called the ICC Business Charter for Implementation of Agenda 21 or as it is called now SD21 (Sustainable Development for the 21st Century)!

As we approach the RIO + 20 Summit in June 2012 in Brazil, they have developed a set of 27 principles called the “RIO PRINCIPLES” that the ICC and the European Union will use as a guide to implement SD21 onto our world!

I am also seeing papers written as it relates to the upcoming RIO Summit that the United Nations will be asking all 179 countries to contribute 0.7 percent of their GNP or more to finance this SD21 venture as it goes forward!

That is 100s of billions of dollars and the US Treasury and Geitner seem to be cooperating! Our present GNP is around 15.2 trillion and the European Union is around 17.4 trillion, you can see with approximately 75 percent of the Worlds GNP why it is so important to get these two entities fully involved in SD21/AG 21!

The ICC’s new business Charter and the 27 Rio Principles has seemingly also laid out a well thought out plan with these new objectives!

The two objectives above will use successful business implementation even as we have see locally in the form of tax breaks etc! Then once these willing businesses are brought from other countries, often socialist in their nature, they are built up and made successful by local COC’s then they are handed over to the EPA and other regulatory forces and forced into compliance and the revenue generated to bring about fulfillment of the 27 principles or at least the Economic portion of the 3 E’s as applied to the ICC’s Business Charter for Sustainability!

The information is young and admittedly my full understanding of it will develop as I sink my head into this document but I believe I have uncovered the plan for a New World Order!

The plan on this link takes the old Agenda 21 plan a step further and even includes a plan to implement and a way to overcome obstacles!

For months, I have seen papers where the United Nations has become frustrated at the lack of progress of Agenda 21 here in the US! I feel this RIO Summitt going forward is a deliberate attempt to rectify their faults of the past and go forward while focusing on the environment and business to bring along the social issues that can be addressed with the big money generated from a successful business! The three E’s recognized and the capital to do it!

I am going to be busy reading and hope this will get alot of you thinking that if we want to jeep America free we must inform others to act and get your elected representatives at all levels to step in the gap and halt the grip the United Nations has on our sovereign nation!

I emailed Henry Lamb the moment of discovery of this new plan! I hope to share his view of it soon!

Keep on fanning those flames of liberty, it only takes a few willing to create a fire!
Prepare to be shocked! Please don’t read if you are taking anti anxiety pills already! May not be able to keep it together!

Click to access SD21_Study1_Agenda21.pdf

Here is a copy of my email to Henry just a few minutes ago! He is probably having a good chuckle at my “youthful” enthusiasm! Haha!

Hey Henry! Hope all is well! I am tingling right now all over at my find while searching the many sites associated with Agenda 21! Going forward to the RIO +20 conference the NEW 412 page, 39 Chapter Agenda 21 plan complete with implementation plans, updates and plans to move forward for implementation has been found! The old one was getting stale and now they have updated it! ¬†This new objective is called SD21 (Sustainable development for the 21st century) under the leadership of the European Union! The international Chamber of commerce has developed a business charter for implementation of SD21 and have developed a set of implementation principles, 27 to be exact called the RIO Principles! This is all in preparation for the Rio Summitt in June and are meeting now! Please read over this! This is scary stuff! The real deal and its now getting serious! The bear us waking from it’s slumber!! I have always wandered how they were going to get it done! I have no doubts anymore! The Chamber of Commerce is the main tool linking with the European Union! Wow! The New World Order is shifting into place! I am a firm believer that the success of our businesses bypassing the free market and the appointment or selection of businesses to survive will be the greatest financier of Agenda 21! I think the Chamber of Commerces role in Agenda 21 has been underestimated! I have been blogging about their involvement for years! Think about it, the UN is asking every company, nation to contribute 0.7 percent of each countries GNP! this is the way to finance this thing! Hundreds of billions of dollars! Then environmental controls and fines combined with land control and regulations will make it grow well into the future making it an animal with no way to cut its head off! The rio + 20 and what comes out of this Summitt in June 2012 will be our death nail! Sorry about my enthusiasm spewing out on paper! I feel like a kid at Christmas! What do you think about this? Gotta get a blog out on this I feel like I am the first to discover it! You are the first person I thought of when I found it!¬†


Donny Harwood

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