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Media giant Zimbio and blogger features Bradley County News story about Gov. Bill Haslam

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Media giant Zimbio and blogger features Bradley County News story about Gov. Bill Haslam


I am flattered! 

I think! 

Many news outlets, individuals, RINOS and liberals attack my blog daily and this is one of those days.

I am ok with this seriously. The author of the blog in question, Rod Williams from a Disgruntled Republican has offered up a critique of a recent blog post from the Bradley County News.

In the first sentence, it is obvious he is not pro anything conservative or even a hint of tea party-ish! 

He levels that Republicans  should distance themselves from “nut jobs” like those on the “fringe” or extreme right of the party. My response to that and I quote Julia Roberts from the most excellent film Pretty Woman, “Big, huge mistake!” With this huge voting block isolated and thrown away no Republican or Independent can win without that percentage of voters. None or at least very few!

In the opening sentence and two or three times after “wacko-nut job” is my new blogging title, like I’ve not heard that before.  

Mr Rob Williams, via a Zimbio platform, and I’m assuming this, but I’m afraid he doesn’t like me addressing the many actions of our very left leaning Governor and his seemingly compliant nature with Sharia Law and it’s implementation.

It’s like somehow if you attack and attempt to discredit those shedding the truth it will somehow not be true!

In the article he published and I can assure you it’s a good read despite the title of the lead in story is
misspelled (God forbid, I call the kettle black, it’s easy to do) and the blog is missing the details of the timeline, the facts about Haslams actions in Tennessee, just a few minor details, it’s still worth reading.

But dont fret! Through the very interactive blogosphere, and my kids still make fun of my computer skills, or lack thereof, I can repost anything from my prior posts like a pro.

This blogger was so caught up in pointing out the reasons he didn’t like the blog that he left the details out, the truth, the proof, the timeline! Remember, he called me a “wacko nut job!”

There is a reason that the Tennessee Eagle Forum Facebook page and Tennessee Federation of Republican Women Facebook page and National sites such as Creeping Sharia and Pamela Geller picked up this blog and posted! It’s because it contains truth, is factual and definitely shows that at the very least TN Governor Bill Haslam is paving the road so Sharia Law can creep into our communities, essentially making Tennessee another Saudia Arabia. Look below at what was left out of the blog by Mr Williams. 

He states he was remiss to bring this to light for fear of it drawing attention to this subject and I quote, “I am not sure I should repost this because by calling attention to it is to promote it. On the other hand, I want those who may not know how the nut-jobs are attacking our governor and how they are spreading irrational fear to see an example of what is being spread” .Duh, this is the desired result! Shine a light on it Mr Williams, at least on my blog that is my intent, good or bad press gets my readers from 164 countries, 150,000 readers deep the info they desire! Post and repost! Please! 

Most of my readers are likeminded and share my views, even disgruntled Republicans who are fed up with the way they are running things in the state of TN!

The timeline was conveniently left out of his blog, but I have delicately, like a surgeon, I may add, posted it below!

Read and weep if you desire:

2009- Haslam was formerly a member of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition with Mayor Bloomberg (NY) but resigned early in 2009 and became a member of the National Rifle Association just in time to run for office of Governor.

March 2009- Thousands of Somali refugees from United Nations refugees arrive in Shelbyville. Quickly growing to 63,000 under Bill Haslams reign with nearly a billion dollar taxpayer tag.

November 2, 2010- Republican Bill Haslam has been elected Tennessee’s 49th governor, overcoming his rival’s claims that he was a “billionaire oil man” and has his own controversial statements on gun rights.

2011 Legislative session – anti-terrorism bill introduced based on the Carlos Bledsoe case (Memphis man who shot and killed Pvt. Andrew Long at the Little Rock Army recruiting center.)

May 2011- Tenn: DOJ submits teachers, principals, police to Muslim “sensitivity” training

June, 2011 – picture emerges confirming that the Muslim Rapid Response Team (which morphed into the TN American Muslim Advisory Council) had been working behind the scenes during the legislative session with TN DHS James Cotter.  This was the group that had formed to lobby against the anti-terrorism bill.

June 5, 2011- Tenn: Fed and state agencies refuse to identify Muslim group in taxpayer funded terrorism conference

August 2011- Al Qaeda’s Recruitment Cartoon & Knoxville News Sentinel’s Comics Target Children

October 2011- Hutton Hotel in Nashville submits to sharia, cancels speech on “preserving freedom”

November 7, 2011 – Commissioner Bill Gibbons (TN Department of Safety and Homeland Security), sends congratulatory letter to the AMAC members for organizing along with the Governor- approved partnership with TN DHS.

November 2011- Regarding comment that all Muslims should be purged from the US military. Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam (R) told The Nashville Scene, “I don’t think I would agree with Rick on that.” But when pressed to denounce Womick’s comments, as Muslim community groups have been urging, Haslam came up short, saying “I don’t know that’s my role. I would just say that on that issue I don’t agree with Rick.” 

December 2011:  When asked whether Governor Haslam had appointed a Muslim advisory board, Tennessee GOP Chairman Chris DeVaney responded that he had ”checked into this and apparently there is no truth to it.  It must be some kind of rumor.“

December 2011 – AMAC partners with the TN DHS to do first law enforcement training.

December 2011- Sumner County School system-Tennessee mom finds Islam in kid’s textbook, Sharia compliance discussed. 

2012 legislative session – Commissioner Gibbons, testifies in support of an administration bill permitting the TN DHS to enter into partnership agreements with private non-profit organizations like the AMAC.

February 2012 – AMAC partners again with TN DHS for law enforcement training; TN DHS refuses to disclose any information about the AMAC.

March 2012- Judge allows defendants in underage sex trafficking ring Muslim prayer breaks during trial. Muslim immigrants involved.

March 2012 – In reference to SB 2237/HB 2375 which would exclude Tennessee state government from partnering/entering into contracts with organizations like AMAC, Attorney General Cooper issues an opinion stating “…it is the opinion of this Office that the proposed amendment which would add an exclusion providing that no partnership or contractual agreement shall be entered into with any religious or political organizations, or any affiliate organizations, is constitutionally defensible.” 

April 2012-Segregated swimming for Muslim “sisters” creeps into Nashville ( at the city’s taxpayer-funded South Knoxville Community Center.) & Virginia (Tysons Corner, Virginia)

April 2012-Judge in Tenn. mosque trial says expert witnesses on jihad cannot testify

April 2012- Bill Gibbons, Tennessee State Commissioner of the Department of Safety and Homeland Security (DSHS), establishing a partnership with a religious NGO, the American Muslim Advisory Council (AMAC) which has ties to local Muslim Brotherhood leaders via the American Center for Outreach (ACO). ACO is a Tennessee-based, non-partisan organisation that was established to inform, educate and empower Muslims to become engaged in society by providing the assistance and guidance the community needs.

May 2012- Governor vetoes bill that would have protected Christian student organizations at Vanderbilt and state universities.

May 2012- Nashville: 3 convicted, 6 acquitted in Somali sex trafficking case. Sex trafficking is quickly becoming a major problem in TN after Somali refugees transferred to Nashville, TN.

May 2012 – Governor approves appointment of Shariah Compliant Finance specialist Samar Ali as Economic and Community Development (ECD) International Director with known ties to Muslim Brotherhood and International Arab Bank.

May 2012 – AMAC trains TN Dept of Children’s Services.

May 2012- Refused to sign the Agenda 21 resolution passed by the state legislature (note that all Republicans voting in both the House and Senate voted yes).

July 20, 2012 – Full-page ad in The Tennessean of the Resolution opposing Governor Haslam’s administration partnership with the AMAC and the hiring of Shariah Compliant Finance Specialist, Samar Ali

July 2012- Williamson County Republican Party, the Stewart County Republican Party, the Carroll County Republican Party have submitted a resolution stating “The Governor of the Great State of Tennessee and his administration have demonstrated a consistent lack of conservative values. Mainly over his hiring of Sharia Compliance expert Samar Ali.

July 2012- GOP state Senate candidate Woody Degan of Shelby County charged the Haslam administration was “making our Economic Development Department Sharia compliant,” in part by hiring Ali as international director earlier this year.

July 2012- “Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam has elevated and/or afford [sic] preferential political status to Sharia adherents in Tennessee, thereby aiding and abetting the advancement of an ideology and doctrine which is wholly incompatible with the Constitution of the United States and the Tennessee Constitution,” the Williamson (County Republican Party)  resolution, dated 7/10/12

July 2012- Kevin Kookogey, chairman of the Williamson County Republicans: “To date, the Haslam Administration has displayed an unfortunate ignorance to the threat of Shariah,”  “They seem willing to accept the claims and defense of the Muslim Brotherhood at face value, refusing to even consider that, perhaps, those bent on destroying Western Civilization might just be infiltrating our institutions.

August 2012- Nihad Awad, Executive Director of CAIR travels to Murfreesboro to celebrate opening of mosque.

August 15, 2012 – Deputy Governor Claude Ramsey issues a letter defending Commissioner Gibbons’ partnership with the AMAC and the Haslam administration’s appointment of Shariah Compliant Finance specialist, Samar 

August 24, 2012 – After listening to Islamic Networks Group (ING) founder speak on the subject of “Women and Shariah”, ACO intern Jihan Abdulla tells The Tennessean that as Muslim woman she feels like she has more rights than American women

August 2012 – Islamic Networks Group (ING) provides AMAC-sponsored training for their Islamic Speakers Bureau

September 2012 – James Cotter, the TNDHS Regional Advisor who met with the MRRT in June 2011 and who claims that approval for the AMAC went to the Governor, is promoted to the position of State Training Advisor

September 2012 – AMAC co-chairs Daoud Abudiab and Zulfat Suara join the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition (TIRRC) Board of Directors

February 2013- Libraries all across the state of Tennessee recieve National Endowment for the Humanities grants, which is financing the “Muslim Journeys” books/videos series to be placed in Tn libraries. The books are “intended to address both the need and desire of the American public for trustworthy and accessible resources about Muslim beliefs and practices and the cultural heritage associated with Islamic civilizations”

May 2013- Al-Jazeera plans to open a news bureau in Nashville.The Tennessean reports the news organization that bought Al Gore’s Current TV for $500 million earlier this year has said it will begin broadcasting Al-Jazeera America sometime late this summer. Vanderbilt religious studies lecturer Abdulkadir Gure said Nashville probably was chosen because it is geographically, politically and demographically central.

June 2013- Sends DOJ and FBI to prepare Manchester residents for acceptance of Sharia into their communities and to warn of negative posts about Islam on social websites you may face fines and imprisonment. Haslams office denies any knowledge of diversity event in Manchester TN.

The journey you just took should be more than enough to convince you that Governor Haslam has someone in his pocket. The “bank” so to speak should be obvious and should be enough to make you ask him some questions. Let’s assume he is not listening. While his head is turned let’s elect someone that cares about Tennesseeans!

I am assuming Mr Williams left the timeline out of his blog because it contained the truth and by including the timeline on Governor Haslams actions would perhaps somehow implicate the Governor with his a actions through association as I have.

The moral of this story! Speak the truth, support the facts and inform the masses regardless of the opposition.

Remember, “Where the flak is heaviest, it confirms the target!”

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on Zimbio, it’s chocked full of other interesting stories! Share the love, there is plenty to go around!



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