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Moms first Christmas with Jesus

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Christmas with Jesus

0629 am

I know, I know everyone is wondering where I’m at and maybe even where I went but rest assured, I’m spending this Christmas with Jesus.

Y’all know this but I’ll say it again. When I left my earthly home I wasn’t feeling well, my health was poor, breathing was a chore and I was tired. Sorry about the messy house and dishes laying around but I see you cleaned up well.

I tried with all my might to stay with you guys and to spend one more Christmas with those I love, my Love People as you grew to be near the end. I’ll stare down the large elephant in the room and I’m guessing you are aware, but it was not to be, I’ll be elsewhere this Christmas Day.

Hated all the fuss over me for all those months when I was sick, much appreciated but a fuss. The endless church at my bedside, the prayers and music all just what I needed. The family picture collage at the foot of my bed was a plus. I thank you!

The funeral was nice, you guys made me up so pretty. Thanks for the extra mascara and lip gloss, those guys left me a little short, my family has always had back and did you see all those people who came to see me. Sure could have used some of them to plant my garden in all that summer heat last year.

My number was up, I knew this but those who knew me well knew I was gonna resist in my own way, you know “fighting to the end!” Sorry for the delay.

I hope you are sharing my humor with me, I could always throw a zinger every now and then, some got it, some didn’t but well we all laughed. It’s always been a way for me to cope, I use it occasionally to cover pain. So laugh or cry with me that’s your choice.

I’m kinda aching to have you over to the house once more, have y’all watch me cry over that one “special” present or to see my new hairdo go limp as I sweat over our meal.

As much as I yearn physically to be with you I’m sure you are now aware thats not gonna be. Besides my view from here is not all that bad……..and I look pretty.

I’m wearing that little white dress, the one that is poofy around the knees. I still got my wide crooked smile and big forehead but this place……..and this dress. It’s just like when I was a kid, the one you liked, the one everyone said I looked so pretty in, it bounces when I walk. I was listening when you guys were talking about it.

I just returned from a walk, even dashed around in a meadow like a young fawn with mom and dad and my back doesn’t hurt. You guys would so love the weather up here, it’s however I want it to be. Angels are singing everywhere, its like surround sound only better. There was even one request for me to sing, I passed as I know Jesus has heard all that before. I didn’t wanna show out up here, he’s getting used to me, don’t wanna lose my favor.

I’m watching you guys with a watchful eye. I see you reaching out to others, holding your family close, that was my wish.

I see you are hanging on to some of those family traditions and keeping them alive. Someone please remember the chocolate covered cherries, our breakfast meals and especially the fruit baskets under the tree, oh and the rabbit cake at Easter, the potato salad!

Love on my grand babies, sisters and all. Give them all a big hug for me. To my kids, love your sister and brothers keep that laugh, continue to protect her and remember I can still gain access to a hickory or two……..and I’m not afraid to use it.

Remember the good times, forget the bad. Glance through those old pictures and paintings of mine, cry happy tears today, leave the sad ones in your head. I’m new again, I have no complaints.

Don’t think of me as selfish for my day is grand. I must spend Christmas elsewhere this year, I know you will understand.

I’ll be with you in spirit and if you listen carefully, you will know I’m there.

Until we meet again, tell everyone I love them, all is well. It’s bittersweet but it’s the way it must be.

Heads up, chest out and stand tall. Aside from where you are there is no place I’d rather be.

Hope you don’t mind but this year I’m spending Christmas with Jesus.



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