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“This is war, Whitey wants to lynch blacks, call for bank runs, civil unrest, Allen West resign from this hate group”

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Can you say “Class Warfare?” Come on lets do it with one great big yell from Washington DC, C-L-A-S-S W-A-R-F-A-R-E!

These hate filled, racist words are not coming from the Ku Klux Klan, the Black Panthers, Aryan Nation or some Skin Head Neo Nazi group, they are coming directly from our elected Congressmen and women, more specifically the Congressional Black Caucus of the most current 112th Congress!

The near 50 members of this current elected Congress are spewing hate and dissension on Tea Party and Americans who dare speak against the Socialist policies of a wayward President.

It is so hard to believe that we live in the United States of America and in “town hall meetings” all across America, members of our Congress are spouting hatred and racism toward Americans of all colors. Listen to a few things recorded in their town hall meetings just last week!

Congressman Andre Carson, Indiana, 17th District
“Would love to see us as second class citizens and would love to see blacks “hanging on a tree” says Andre Carson Democrat from Indiana 17th District in front of a cheering crowd of supporters. He went on to say as he raised his audience in to a fever pitch, Yelling from a stage which resembled a church, “We got to see change in Washington and the Tea Party is preventing the change!” “ They are comfortable having us where we were 50 to 60 years ago, but it’s a new day with a black President and a black Congressional Congress (to stand up for you!”)

Maxine Waters Democratic Congressman, California, 35th District
“ We cant be intimidated, we cant be frightened, as far as I am concerned the Tea Party can go straight to hell!”

Cedric Richmond, Louisiana, 2nd District
Congressman John Lewis, Georgia, 5th District
Said at an Atlanta town hall meeting at Atlanta Technical College on C-SPAN, says Congressman John Lewis says “We are fighting 3 wars, well actually we are fighting 4 wars, the 4th war is a war the Tea Parties have started with the United States of America, more particularly, the President! They are willing in this war to have as casualties the 14.1 million Americans that don’t have a job! They are willing to wreck this economy simply for political gain.

Congressman Alcee Hastings, Florida, 23rd District
At a Congressional Black Caucus in Miami this week on 8/22/11, Alcee Hastings says “he has never seen such an attitude, expressed toward poor people! We can dance and tap around all of it, we all know racism, we give the Tea Party (all the credit), that’s a whole handful of people, but it’s the whole Republican Party has been captivated by that notion!”

Maxine Waters Democratic Congressman California, 35th District
Spoke at the same town hall meeting as Congressman Cedric Richmond on CSPAN says “if you show up at noon at any bank in America, and throw a ring around that bank with human bodies and for one minute think they are going to be a run on that bank, they will change their ways!”

Congressman Frederica Wilson, Florida, 17th district
They are racist and many of them are from Florida, who I serve with, they have said it to my face, they are not voting for any increases in revenue, and if they are going to die by the sword (someone from the audience says “then they gonna have to die”), they are gonna have to do it! We are gonna have to advocate, we are gonna have to go to their homes, they have black people living in their districts too.” She stated in a crowded room, wearing her trademark red cowboy hat while speaking to reporters. She went on to say at another town hall meeting this week, “while we discuss our very real concerns, lets all remember who the real enemy is, and the real enemy is the tea party!” Cheers once again from the enthusiastic crowd.

Congressman Al Green Texas Democrat 9th District
Was quoted as saying at his town hall meeting, “We now have folks who call themselves by many names, but ,they have hijacked the principles of the civil rights movement, (crowd member states “that’s right”) they don’t just go into their neighborhoods and protest, they come into the hood and protest! The question is this what will we do? Will we allow the minority forces to speak for the majority? We are going to stand up for the things we believe in! Are we willing to go across town and are we willing to go into other places beyond our comfort zones, and are willing to stand up for the CBC (Congressional Black Caucus) stand with the CBC and help the CBC make a difference, are we going to do it? Crowd enthusiastically cheers and stands to its feet!”

Folks the tide has been turned, racism it raising its ugly, ugly head and it is coming from inside the House of Representatives, straight out of the White House, directly from a group of Congress men and women who represent you. The racist words from our Congressmen and women is encouraging riots in our country and the whole CBC should be brought up on charges and locked away for treason against their country! These are enemies of the people of whom they represent, they are a domestic enemy. These Town Hall meetings were well orchestrated to make the people of this country, the tea parties and all Americans within their constituency, within their districts go away by fear and intimidation and you barely see it covered in the media!
Violent uprising and class war fare is being advocated against the people of the USA from approximately 50 of our Congress men and women of the Congressional Black Caucus and hardly a word spoken.

We need to contact the Attorney Generals and their offices and demand their resignations! This is a dangerous game they are playing. They are promoting a hatred that could bring us indeed back in time 50 or 60 years.

We are living in an extremely dangerous time and if these members of the CBC are encouraging and spewing hatred on the people of America, they are placing Americans in a very volatile position for hate mongering and bullying from the halls of Congress and on our streets. We must put our foot down and vote them out of these positions come election day.

We as a nation have advanced way beyond the days of slavery, segregation and white on black racial attacks, perfected, no, but now I feel the hand has been turned and now many Americans of all colors may be the victim of a runaway caucus. This is no time for the race card to be pulled. Our country is suffering in every category and we do not need this added hate on a simmering society and force them to the edge of a race war, a class war by members of our elected Congress, what a shame!

Many of these hate mongerers and racist have lived through some tough times in their lives, many have seen the ravages of a racist society unleashed. They should have learned from historys blindness. Instead of leading us away from more hatred and violence they are dragging us back to a frightening era, I would prefer to leave behind!

We should drop any thoughts of hate, we should be uniting and this caucus is only encouraging division. In this arena there is no need to divide the races, the debate should go forward regardless of our skin color. We are America, we are supposed to be one, not many colors. These members of Congress if left to spew this violence unchecked may surely cause greater hatred and perhaps a new class warfare….the shame of it all!

While I would be remiss not to mention one of my favorite people in the political world belongs to this rogue CBC! I was only hoping this man would become our next President of the United States! If he continues to be associated with this racist hate group which has hijacked a great portion of our Congress, I will lose confidence in this man whom I thought was above the fray!

Allen West, Florida Congressman, Republican 22nd District, you must resign from this caucus, not say you may reconsider your membership!

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