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Neighbors complain and shush “Star Spangled Banner” ceremony at Naval Base in New Jersey

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Neighbors complain and shush “Star Spangled Banner” ceremony at Naval Base in New Jersey


Near Naval Weapons Station-Earles waterside base in Middletown New Jersey, neighbors are repeatedly calling police to complain that a “Morning Colors” ceremony be hushed and the volume turned down.

The ceremony which consists of an approximate 30 minute ceremony that plays the star spangled banner while raising the flag are being asked   to turn the noise down because it is too loud and disturbing their sleep. 

After the ceremony is commenced and the command given to “carry on,” the base returns to it’s duty, protecting those same neighbors from an undetermined enemy.

“One neighbor complained “just because the Navy has to wake up, we shouldn’t all have to wake to reveille”

A mother in the neighborhood surrounding the naval base defended the music and displays of color saying “every morning when my daughter hears it, she stops what she is doing and sings along to it, it’s so cute and patriotic!”

Veterans in the area say that “many have died for that flag and it deserves the respect given, it’s in memory of those who have died defending this country.”

The display and loud speaker system is there to also warn the area, other soldiers near the base and yes those complaining neighbors of impending inclement weather or God forbid an encroaching enemy or threat. 

Many in the neighborhood are now saying they miss the morning ceremony, missing that feeling of patriotism every morning and are asking many “complainers” to move if they don’t like it and the volume turned back up!  “This is America and if we wanna live free in America, then we let the Star Spangled Banner play,” one neighbor stated.

This neighborhood near the base is a  microcosm of a bigger picture going on in America. The constant and consistent attacks on all things patriotic, christian or related to our children is in full force and are fundamentally changing the face of our country, one complaint at a time.

While the people are inconvenienced by a patriotic song in our country, on a military base, a  more severe change is heading our way.

For now, the Naval Base in New Jersey has offered to turn down the volume, meanwhile the neighbors can lay in their beds undisturbed and inconvenienced! 

Sleep well folks! 

It’s another of many sad days in our country, Im afraid many more are ahead.

Sources of info: Please support those news outlet still putting the truth out daily!



  1. Wish all the ones who hate freedom so much, would leave the USA .


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