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Healthcare premiums rise 173 percent under Obamacare in TN for young adults

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Healthcare premiums rise 173 percent under Obamacare in TN for young adults

As College age adults are stepping out of the public indoctrination system and into the corporate world to make their mark they are being struck with a 173 percent insurance  premium hike by the Obama regime.

DC will be relying on their income to foot the majority of costs inside the newly implemented healthscare scheme and will undoubtedly see their premiums rise even further in the next few years as cost burdens are shifted to them.

The plan is devious yet ingenious. Think about it. Who typically uses less insurance than others? Right. Young people for the most part with no chronic or pre-existing conditions or revenue consuming health conditions. Pay in with very little withdrawal or drain on the system. That’s the plan.

MSM and assorted news outlets have been reporting that Tennessee youth will only have to pay 119.00 dollars per month under Obamacare, this is less than expected as the memo below eludes too. But not less than they are already paying. Did you catch that? Less than expected!

In TN the average 27 to 30 year old young adult, according to the GAO- Government Accountability Organization and DHHS- Department of Health and Human Services recently reported that in TN the average premium will be 173.6 percent higher next year from their pre Obamacare premiums.

State of TN:

Obamacare monthly premium:
119.00 dollars or 30.00 dollars a week

Pre-Obamacare monthly:
43.50 dollars or 10.80 cent a week

Dollar increase:
75.50 dollars

Percentage increase:

Remember, many of these youth will only make a few hundred dollars a week at minimum wage. Many  have elected to not carry health insurance, because they frankly don’t think they will need it, this saving income for their disposal. Now they will be forced to pay relatively higher premiums resulting in a decrease in disposable income. Essentially an additional 20 percent tax placed upon them by our federal government.

Minimum wage workers are facing a drop in employment hours to 29 hours thus keeping their employer from paying their portion of healthcare premiums. This drop in hours will take an ample portion of their income and result in further loss of income.

A young person making minimum wage and 29 hours a week could plan on making:

210 dollars per week before taxes.

168 after taxes at 20 percent

134 dollars after Obamacare healthcare tax, another 20 percent of income lopped off.

Figure in a car payment, rent, dental, life ins, utilities, gas, food and electricity you can see what is going to happen, creeping debt and a negative income to debt ratio, otherwise owing the government more than you make.

Eventually and perhaps already, these young adults will realize that they are nothing more than a slave, a serf, fully dependent on the government to provide all their needs. Socialism is on the horizon and the transition near completion. 

The inundation and shock on our system will leave you working just to pay your debt and at the end of a work week, you reach for a check or cash and you are given a coupon for bread, milk cheese and enough gas to get you back and forth to work. 

All while  living in government occupation pods complete with smart meters, in a downtown high rise, devoid of private property, with a windmill and a solar panel to heat your pod enough to keep you functional and alive to work another day.

Below is an excerpt from a  Memorandum by RNC Research Director Kris Anderson sent out this month explaining the graph in the link below reflecting on the info above and how it was calculated.

“To complete a fair analysis, we looked at two sets of data at RNC Research. First, we took the HHS-released data on the lowest average monthly premium of a bronze plan for a 27-year-old in the various states under the exchanges. We compared those rates against the states’ average premiums for 30-year old nonsmoking males that were included in a July 2013 study from the U.S. Government Accountability Office. We calculated out the difference between the premium rates. In every state, there’s a sizable increase.”

“We do realize there are more things that play into these calculations, but the takeaway is pretty clear: when talking about premiums, ObamaCare is bad news for the average American.”

Below is a breakdown link showing percentage increase in Obamacare premiums per state.

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