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Genetically modified rice from human liver DNA being grown in Kansas

In Uncategorized on December 29, 2012 at 10:57 AM

Bon Appetit!


Why mix human DNA with rice……just why?

They have really just messed up one of my favorite side dishes and sushi is messed up forever!

Seriously, I am about three stomach spasms from vomiting and there is nothing I can do or say that will stop it! Seriously, no liver or cannibal jokes.

Rice, coined “Frankenrice” made from the liver DNA of humans for use in Pharmaceuticals and approved by the FDA to be grown in open fields in Kansas! Have we lost our ever loving minds? Have we just gone off the moral cliff to the point of no return?

As a child, growing up near farms, I witnessed my grandfather pour pig brains over his scrambled eggs for breakfast! Up until now, I thought that was, well it still may be the grossest thing I had ever witnessed. But still it had no human element to it and it was still an animal and you didn’t have to shake Tobasco hot sauce on it to make it more palatable.

Who in their right mind would think up some concoction? Yeah, they are saying it is not for human consumption but they are already making plans to ship it to starving children in Sudan, yeah sort of like Mikey from the Life cereal commercial fame, “give it to Mikey, he will eat anything!

I have a little medical knowledge and know even less about farming but wouldn’t this being grown in an open field spread to other plants in the air, where plants made for human consumption and essentially free of human body organs? Doesn’t the liver of any 2 or 4 legged animal see the most blood flow through it and is the filter of all things bad from the body? I’m pretty sure the answer is yes to both! Then does this not lead one to believe this could make us sick?

Anaphylaxis? Blood type confusion and reaction? Mutations? Resistant strands of organism? New disease? Nausea and vomiting? That was mine, but do you see my distorted logic in it, regardless of the fact that I may have just eaten a portion of my grandfathers DNA in my chicken and rice casserole with his pig brain and egg breakfast covered with Tobasco? Yuck! Wretch! You get the point!

Why are we allowing the likes of Monsanto and other GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) to produce these beastly recipes? Where is the outrage?

I’ll stick to my baked potato and steak! You can have the rice and beans. Please no one please don’t send me a link for GMO steak from human DNA, that may be more than I can take!

Have a great day and enjoy the rest of your day……I dont feel so good!!!



Des Moines Iowa: UN Secretary Ban Ki Moon tells youth to look beyond America, serve the World

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The UN is concerned about World Hunger. This is a given. Americans are worried about feeding our own and higher food prices. The UNs Secretary General is in Des Moines Iowa this week to promote World Hunger Day.

The UN sees Iowa as the heartland and a gateway to large portions of our food and it’s production. This stealthy display of humanism shows the world that the UN is securely in our country and we have the elected officials that are pulling out the welcome wagon. The UN surely sees the opportunity for Iowa and other states to “spread the wealth” to other countries to feed the poor.

I’m not against helping others, but I am a firm believer we must take care of our own also. We are far from solving the homelessness and hunger in the United States, why must we rely on the UN for assistance.

The churches and private organizations used to be the go to guys when the needy hungered for a meal, but even our church leaders have fallen under the spell of the UN while forging ahead to create a socialist type utopia under a New World Order with the popular UN poverty eradication program called MDGs-Millennium Development Goals, an Agenda 21 program.

Think about this. The UN is in Iowa and no bells and whistles going off. Little to no coverage on the local or world news. Really? The UN in our country asking our Youth and Women to look beyond America, forget about America and I find very little coverage of these events.

Where are our watchmen on the wall, our Patriots, our elected officials that should be saying “get the hades out of my country with your rhetoric and brainwashing of my children.” Perhaps the reason they don’t speak is they are complicit and in the know.

The following article being shared is from a site called UNDPwatch, please see the links below and vist their site frequently.

Ban Ki-moon tells American youth to “look beyond america and serve the world”
(Translation: Forget about building a stronger America)

“Young Americans should look beyond the United States to become citizens of the world,” U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told 500 Drake University students Friday morning.

“My message to you: See the world, serve the world, be a global citizen and shape the world we want,” Ban said in a presentation on international affairs.

Ban is the first sitting secretary-general of the United Nations to visit Iowa, he said. He came to Des Moines to address World Food Prize attendees Thursday night.

In the audience in Old Main’s Sheslow Auditorium were Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa and U.S. Ambassador-at-Large Stephen Rapp, another Iowan.


Tells youth forget about America!


Obamas EO 13575- “No right to your own food!”

In Agenda 21, Farmers on November 23, 2011 at 9:12 AM



Federal Judge Patrick J. Fielder adheres to Agenda 21 globalist, collectivist principles as he strikes yet more blows against U.S. sovereignty and liberty, ruling that Americans have absolutely no right to raise and consume their own food.


Judge Fiedler ruled that Americans:

“Do not have a fundamental right to own and use a dairy cow or a dairy herd;”
“Do not have a fundamental right to consume the milk from their own cow;”
“Do not have a fundamental right to board their cow at the farm of a farmer;”
“Do not have a fundamental right to produce and consume the foods of their choice;” and
Cannot enter into private contracts without Government intervention.

Just three weeks after issuing the above ruling, Judge Fielder resigned his bench and went to work for a law firm that represents the corporate giant Monsanto – the mega-corporation fighting to eliminate raw and organic food producers.

The inherent nature of the United Nations Agenda 21 treaty is that it seeks not only to destroy our national sovereignty, but also our personal liberty and replacing it with global governance of our resources, our land, our education system and even what we eat.


The United States Senate has not yet taken up ratification of the Agenda 21 treaty, but that has not stopped its implementation across America. Powerful globalists like George Soros are using their ill-gotten wealth to circumvent our rule of law, funding campaigns to advance Agenda 21 programs that erode our freedoms, and fattening the personal coffers of judges and “public servants” in the name eco-Marxist objectives like “sustainability.” But what the United Nations globalists see as planning, progress, and desirable development for society – a future that is “sustainable” – is nothing less than tyranny, and in their analysis, what is “unsustainable” is American liberty and sovereignty.

The threat they pose to our freedom cannot be exaggerated, and it is already being implemented in America today, with your tax dollars, by Obama Executive Order 13575!

Green Eco-Marxists are working to implement Sustainable Development plans with the intention of resettling the American population into United Nations approved zones.


Think “Resettlement Camps” are things that only happen under totalitarian thug tyrants or in the Third World? Can’t happen here? Think again.

Multi-lateral, diplomatic, negotiated surrender is still surrender.

Please, take a moment to locate your geographic area on the below map.

Copy and google this map!


Is your town shaded light green? If not, the United Nations wants you to move, and it appears Green Eco-Marxists within the United States are working very hard to ensure success of “resettling” you.

It would be easy to dismiss this map as a crackpot conspiracy theory; however this information comes directly from THE UNITED NATIONS as part of their Agenda 21 implementation plans.

Map Color Codes are designated for the following uses:

Red – Little or no human use whatsoever
Yellow – Buffer zones with limited and heavily regulated use
Green – “Normal” use, similar to existing use but in compliance with UN demands
Pink – Indian Reservations
Grey – Military Reservations
Black Dots – Cities with over 10,000 people

To date, Congress has refused to ratify Agenda 21, but that has not stopped radical Greenies, Marxists and Barack Obama from implementing Agenda 21. Obama’s new motto is “We can’t Wait”! He is circumventing Congress all together. Within the last few months, Obama issued Executive Order 13575, establishing his “White House Rural Council” with a new Executive administrative body to implement the “sustainable communities” that the UN’s Agenda 21 was designed to enforce.

To stop our nation’s capitulation into the socialist nightmare of Agenda 21, it’s absolutely imperative that patriotic Americans speak out and make their voices heard. This is our moment! Now is not the time to be found wanting. We MUST ACT to save American sovereignty and liberty!


Editors note- We have the ability to stop this! Call your Congressman in your district and tell them “We want the UNITED NATIONS out of the UNITED STATES, please co sponsor HR 1146!

Also, a request for donations to fight this was removed, if you choose to do so please contact Mr Keyes website below!

For further Detailed information please read more from this news blog at: https://bradleycountynews.wordpress.com/2011/06/20/white-house-rural-council-hits-bradley-county/
Keep Faith,

Alan Keyes

P.S. It’s appalling the number of elected officials who, by design or incompetence, neither uphold nor defend our Constitution. Anyone with more than a cursory knowledge of our Founding would see, as you do, that Agenda 21 in diametrically opposed to all for which America stands! Yet, sadly, it comes down to you and me. Help “we the people” speak up loud and clear – for our nation’s sake!

Food that want spoil easily, US Scientist discovers “magic” compound!

In Uncategorized on August 14, 2011 at 9:12 AM

Have you ever had a piece of fruit turn brown overnight, a bottle of wine turn bad quickly, corked or taste just plain bad, grabbed the lunch meat and discover a green fungus rim around the piece of meat, ate potato salad made with eggs after it has been sitting out all day. Well you know well how sick this can make you or how frustrated you become when your hard earned money gets thrown out in the trash.

No longer! Or at least not for a longer time! Researchers at the University of Minnesota, scientist Dan O’Sullivan have reported the discovery of bisin- a naturally occurring compound produced by some types of bacteria.

The agent reduces the growth of bacteria including ecoli, salmonella and listeria (those bugs that give you diarrhea and cause “food poisoning”) and could lead to sandwiches that stay fresh for more than a year- This reported from the London Sunday Times.

The advances and discovery of this product could lead to wine and fresh salad dressing lasting years opened and unable to spoil because of this “magic naturally occuring” compound!

Do you know what this could do for our personal economy, to the food storage industry, to environments where food storage is necessary for survival to its people, to the retail store that will no longer have to “throw away” bad fruit”. This is revolutionary and will change the way we look at our food for years to come.

Can you imagine the teenager or the college student that may leave their food in the floor of their dorm or room for a week and pick it up and eat it without any ill health effects, this is huge. What about the struggling family in Sudan who may have never eaten a golden ripe peach because it may spoil before it reaches them. The long term effect could be endless and in a good way.

I am getting excited even as I write this! I am glancing over at my wire fruit basket, my refrigerator and thinking I can keep that apple, tomato or sandwich there, out in the open for a long time and not have to pull decayed, rotten or mushy food out of it any time soon. WOW! It doesn’t take a lot for me to get excited.

I can go on those overnight backpacking trips and eat a normal meal, I don’t have to pour hot water on the hard dehydrated MRE or crunch on nuts the whole way I can now bring a steak, baked chicken and a side of potato salad and crème brulee for dessert. Now you are talking!

What about the ice bag stands and coolers, camping trips, picnics? No longer need the ice, unless of course you want a cold drink! Limitless, can you hear the excitement in my voice or at least in my writing.

If you have wondered why does cheese last so long? Maybe you haven’t, but if you think about it your mom never really got real concerned if your cheese was a little blue around the edges, she would just cut it off and utter the famous words and we all have heard it “cheese lasts a long time and doesn’t really go bad.” That cube of cheese that never seems to go away. Im sure you have heard that as a child, well, guess what that is because of the discovery also of bisins cousin nisin. Yes, that is why cheese takes so long to go bad. I just got goose bumps!

Maybe this is the key to reports that fast food chain food doesn’t spoil or the documentaries where 2 years later the burger looks the same, did they discover this magic ingredient years ago and have always made it a trade secret, and just simply not let us in on it, think about it. Dirty dogs!

Scientist are expecting this ingredient to be on the market in less than a year and because it is a naturally occurring ingredient in nature it will not have to meet the stringent demands of the FDA, pharmaceutical testing or the long stringent process before approval.

Want to bet someone will try to get patent rights to this product, Monsanto or some other deviant organization and claim all the product and sell it to you for unknown amounts of money or not allow it to get on the market while tying it up in the court system or some other type of legal process.

As I am preparing for the post economic/societal collapse of this once great country, I have found a bright spot in my long term food preservation efforts and I am genuinely pumped, bring on the bisin and the risin……..I am ready for my food to last years with little to no effort. Spread this around! This is huge.

Hey kids gather around the table, Daddy has something to tell you that will change your future! Wait thought I had the printer off, haha!

Contributing source: University of Minnesota, Scientist Dan O’Sullivan, Fox News, London Sunday Times. August 14, 2011

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