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White House Rural Council Hits Bradley County

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White House Rural Council
President Barrack Obamas Executive Order 13575
June 9, 2011
The White House says in a press release from Whitehouse.gov “while rural communities face challenges, they also present economic potential.” “strong rural communities are key to a stronger America!” We are working across government to strengthen rural communities and promote economic growth.”
Rural America makes significant contributions to the security, prosperity, and economic strength of our country, said Agriculture Secretary Czar Tom Vilsack!
Together with the rest of the Obama Administration, USDA has worked to support families and businesses in rural communities so that their success will pay dividends for all Americans.

Summary of the White Houses Executive Order 13575

1) Will coordinate programs across governemnt to encourage public private partnerships to promote further economic prosperity and quality of life in rural communities nationwide!
2) We will be responsible for providing reccommendations for investment in rural areas.
3) Will coordinate Federal engagement with a variety of rural stakeholders, including agricultural organizations, small business, and state, local and tribal governments.
4) We will focus on job creation and economic development to rural areas.
5) Promote innovation, expand digital and physical networks, while celebrating opportunity through Americas natural resources.
6) Will discuss key factors for growth; Jobs, agriculture, Access to credit,Innovation, Networks, Healthcare, Education, Broadbands, Infrastructure, Ecosystems Markets
7) Modernize infrastructure by providing broadband access to 10 million Americans.
8) This plan will help ensure that Americas rural communities are repopulating, self sustaining and thriving economically.

NOW! The other news! While this above all sounds warm and fuzzy this is yet another Agenda 21 back door policy to surrender your sovereignty! Obama and his administration are purposefully destroying our country. Think about it? Why an Executive Order of this magnitude? Because he and his minions know they would not get the votes needed to pass something this huge and catastrophic through the House or Senate. That’s why!
This Executive Order recently established is in cohoots with 25 other executive branch departments including, Defense, Dept of Treasury, Secretay of Agriculture, House of Intergovernmental affairs, Justice, Homeland Security, National Drug Control, Environmental Quality, Labor, Commerce Interior, EPA, Housing, Health and Education to name only a few. Why so many and why are they so eager to get involved, all of a sudden with little to no notice and absolutely no news coverage? Because it is BIG, that’s why!
This extremely aggressive EO (Executive Order) affects approximately 16% of the American population who live in rural counties because they supply our food, fiber, and energy, safegaurd our natural resources, and are essential in the development of science and innovation. These steps that Obama is taking with this EO are making sure that the 40 chapters within Agenda 21 are fulfilled. ICLEI, a NGO (Non Governmental Organization) now has a partner to pursue and deliver a far reaching, dIabolical plan on rural America.

Please allow me to summarize the story that does not dot the White House official site or the local newspapers:
1) Federal Control of Rural American Resources (food, Health, Energy, Education/School, property, Water and lives.
2) Increased Federal regulation through Executive Order (Legislation from the Oval Office)
3) More regulation of food production.
4) More regulation of Land use.
5) An accleration and implementation of Agenda 21 in Rural America.
6) Implementation of Elements of Cap and Trade.
7) Observe and pay attention that in this bill there is no definition of what “rural America” is. This leads to further loss of land because of a lack of a definitive rural boundary.
8) More State/County Control over your City/County/town due to the bottomless Grant Money Distribution System. The Federal Government can and does cause our local officials to get stars in their eyes when the Fed dangles that dollar bill in front of them.
9) There will be less local participation and “say so” over projects because of Regionalization.
10) More Federal Jobs funded at taxpayer expense. We know how this has worked out over the last few years. We cannot continue to bail ourseves out with taxpayer money, it doesn’t work!
11) “Your Personal Rights and Property Rights” your voice cannot be heard. You can not “un-elect “ the appointed White House Rural Council members. Your elected State Representatives are of no help to you because this is legislation through Committee regulation (this is a side affect of all that federal grant money dazzling our leaders) The Federal Government has discovered how to get around the people and push Agenda 21 down your throats in a methodical manner.

What does this mean to you?
1) In the eyes of government this is sustainable.
2) This represents the first step into the heart of America, our heartland.
3) Further limit use of your land and water.
4) Your taxpayer money via grant money will fund this.
5) Gives control of our local planning commissions over to the feds.
6) Supplements our local governments budgets with your tax dollars.
7) Janet Napolitano is on this council, that’s scary enough!
8) We are broke and yet we continue to spend, the Green Agenda is breaking us.
9) Department of Homeland Security is not accountable to you, answers directly to the President for more funding and control.
10) Right now you control your resources, get used to someone else telling you what to do.
11) Control the food and you control the population, that’s you!
12) Will increase use of energy efficiency through regulations.
13) DHS will have unheard amounts of power over your property and rights, because no department tells DHS what to do, only Obama.
14) This will put our food supply system in control of the government.
15) A knock on your door will be a knock for the “government to help you” money dangled in your face To implement this program. If you see your neighbor taking, it why cant I?
16) Default on these loans equals loss of your property and regulations enforced on you can make you default faster. Which is what they want.
17) You are footing the bill every time our government offers you a dollar and you accept, putting your childrens future at risk.
18) Why an appointed committee? Because they will promote representatives down at the local level setting up other committees bypassing the opportunity to address grievances against your government.

People of this County wake up to this deliberate attempt to derail our Country, our County, our City, our people and our economy! While you sleep this President and his Regime of Socialist are destroying our way of life, giving our Mayors and Councilmen, and Commissioners the “Green light” to dismantle our country and we are largely uninformed, trusting and disinterested to ever think the Federal, State or Local leaders would ever do anything to harm us. Our Leaders see and react to only one thing when they implement programs like this locally…….the money, it above all guides their decisions. I see it every day, when they go to cast a vote, propose a tax or project they simply vote as many are unaware of even what they are voting for or why they are proposing a tax, try it sometime, just before a vote, raise your hand, send an email or ask why they are voting for this, what it is about and how much it will cost the taxpayers?

What can you do?
1) Notify everyone you can think of, spread the word. Emails, phone calls, blogs!
2) Contact your local cattlemens associations, AG centers, Farmers Co-op, Dairy associations, farmers of all products, local Sherrif, mayors city and County councils, the papers, blogs, local and state government, local Agenda 21 groups, tribes and Indian Associations, Tea Parties, Governors, Senators, potential candidates, churches, healthcare providers, grocery owners, horse owners, fishermen, off road and 4 wheelers assoc., Americans Quarter Horse assoc., school boards, State Reps, rodeo coordinators, whomever eats to live.
3) Get out of your comfort zone and act! Create roadblocks!
4) Get busy, what are you waiting for?

You want a huge negative reaction and a diatribe of why me as a concerned citizen would dare question their good intentions, try some of these things above and email me their response, you may be surprised. The answer most of the time will be, “its free” or they will simply say that we are receiving millions………”for the kids!” They always put the kids in front of the bus!

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