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Kill IB- Citizen Action Plan

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We as Americans and fellow Bradley Countians are in the midst of a small town revolution. We are in the swell of some really great things and our community is recieving national attention to our local International Bacculaureate Program that has been initiated by our local Bradley County School Board under the leadership of our local Superintedent of Schools Johnny McDaniel and School Board Chairman Troy Weathers at Walker Valley High School in Cleveland, Tennessee! We must continue the pressure and now focus on these elected officials to “get the IB (International Baccalaureate) out of our schools!” This is a VERY EXPENSIVE program with links and association to Marxism, Fascism, Socialism and Communism. If you are a first time reader to this information, I encourage you to go to the website http://www.truthaboutib.com or to World Net Daily website and read about the IB program for your self. I cant alone convince you so we must inform ourselves and be convinced with self research before we can become passionate and seek an active role in eliminating this program from our schools. Two of my three children attend WALKER VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL, the same school where this un-American Socialist program has been initiated by our local school board. This is my motivation! I know many parents and students within this school and I am convinced that if they knew about this program many would be very upset and puzzled at the school boards decision to initiate this in our schools.

The Bradley County School Board of education recieved a collective grant from the Federal Government for 5.2 million dollars. This is supposed to fund this program for 5 years. The annual cost nationally has been 200,000 to 1 million dollars a year. This is your tax dollars being sent to an international organization to implement a program in our county that promotes fostering a culture of peace through education, sustainable economic and social development, respect for all human rights, equality between women and men, democratic participation, understanding tolerance and solidarity, religious indifferences, participatory communication and free flow of information and knowledge, and international peace and security. This all seems “warm and fuzzy and at first glance it sounds that way, but knowing the “root” of this structure is the realization that there is much deeper meaning. I believe personal choices and thoughts of religion, world peace, total disarmament, “human Rights, the difference between right and wrong, good and evil should be up to me, and you, not an international agency and its servants of Socialism.

To quote a statement from one parent in an IB program, ” The children are no longer learning the difference between capitalism and socialism. No longer are are children being taught why the United States became the most powerful economic engine the world has ever known. Instead they are being taught that with less than 5% of the world’s population, the US uses 25% of the worlds resources and produces 25% of the worlds pollution… They are being taught that the US is the number 1 terrorist nation. They are being taught that the rest of the world is mired in poverty because of the greedy capitalists in the United States. Source http//www.unwatch.com/h1012604.shtml U.N. INFLUENCE IN US SCHOOLS by Henry Lamb.

CALL TO ACTION! What can we do?
1) Continue passing vital emails and links to the public, especially here in Bradley County.
2) Email this info to as many people as you can, refer to this news site.
3) Talk it up! Discuss this at your church, grocery store and within your family!
4) Research and seek further info and grasp a good understanding of what the UN is doing worldwide and see how it can influence our local schools, a great resource is http://www.truthaboutib.com or http://www.freedom21.org or any research by Henry Lamb with plenty of info on you tube or internet.
5) Call or email your school board members, there are 7 and Troy Weathers is the Chairman of the Bradley County Board of Education.
6) http://www.bradleycounty.net has the board as well as other info there and you can hit a button and send them all the same message.
7) Call or email Superintendent of Schools Johnny McDaniels at 423-476-0620 or 423-728-7327 and tell him to get the UN out of our Schools!
8) Call the Cleveland Daily Banner at 423-472-5041 or email David Davis (Managing Editor) at david.davis@clevelandbanner.com and tell him we need this story covered and we need our Letters to the Editor published without bias.
9) Contact your local Councilmen and Commissioners and tell them we do not want this in our schools.
10 Call Principal Danny Coggins at Walker Valley High School and tell him NO, we do not want IB in our schools at 423-336-1383.
11) Write Letters to the Editor at the Banner email above and request strongly they be added to the next edition.
12) Participate in our TPBC meetings and protests in the near future when asked our schedule is on http://www.teapartyofbradleycounty.webs.com.
13) Pass around the YOU TUBE video of me ranting and raving about the School Boards decision to not let me speak at their meeting before the vote, you can plug in UN AGENDA, Donny Harwood it will pull up the video for you. It tells of what happened and how I was treated by Chairman Troy Weathers.
13) Do the above, you asked me how you can help, this is a good plan to get this stopped. ACT NOW!

Remember many of the people you call or email have no idea the vote for that day (April 19th, 2011 at approx 615 pm) was on the agenda, have very little knowledge of the IB program, are not aware of the 5.2 million dollar price tag! BUT, voted YES anyway! I spoke with several of them before the vote and have spoken with many teachers since, THEY HAD NO IDEA!

An interesting note- The Cleveland Daily Banner featured a story on the SLC Grant of 5.2 million dollar hours before the vote to implement the program that was voted on by the Board of Education, this is accepting money before a vote and is unconstitutional. I believe the way it should go is you get consensus from the taxpayer, you vote based on consensus (which should be a reflection of the peoples desires) from the PEOPLE (taxpayers) then many days later you recieve the Federal funding if the PEOPLE through our elected leaders decide to move forward.! Also dont you think it was odd to that very few teachers, parents, board members or the general public was notified or had very little notice of any vote or actions. Who wrote the grant request before the vote and submitted it? This was designed to go through with very little notice. Hoping you would be quiet while the Board accepts a bunch of money for a Socialist program to indoctrinate our children. WOW! Something very fundamentally wrong with that! Something UN-AMERICAN about it!

These are our elected leaders, hold them accountable, we put them there, they do have to answer to their constituency one way or another. It begins with you……..we must get busy!

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