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The UN globalization of our public schools

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UN Globalization of Our Public Schools

“According to the UN Commission on Population and Development Conference ,reconditioning of the thought process of the child are an imperative if there is to be a social shift of consciousness toward the acceptance of globalization.”

“This anti-American and anti-Christian doctrine is designed to teach American students to focus on ‘humanism, redistribution of wealth, and is very big on pluralism and that all religions are equal.’”

Your children (grandchildren) are still in government schools?

Source: Intel Hub        
By Susanne Posel     

September 18, 2012

This past weekend, thousands of public school teachers flooded a city park in Chicago to show their force to the union leaders and district representatives that had failed to come to an agreement that would end the walk-out that began last week.

According to negotiators, the issues involved in the protest are job security and union opposition.

As this conflict is being closely monitored by school districts and teachers across the nation, the implications for more possible disputes in other districts in different states are looming overhead.

For teachers in Wisconsin, Boston and Minnesota, this protest is worth having.

It is a clear message that the deterioration of our public school system will not be tolerated.

Globalization, under directives of the UN, has infiltrated our public school system in incremental stages which are now coming to a head – as evidenced with the strike in Chicago.

According to the UN Commission on Population and Development Conference ,reconditioning of the thought process of the child are an imperative if there is to be a social shift of consciousness toward the acceptance of globalization.

With the creation of the UNA-USA in 1964, pro-UN ideals have begun to infiltrate our societal memes through education and mobilization of Americans to support the principles of the UN which ultimately lead toward the acceptance of One World Government.

In public schools, this has manifested with the inception of the global classroom which has superseded our education programs focused on teaching about our Constitutional Republic to redirect our children’s attention to the ideals of globalization.

One example is the creation of the Model United Nations where students pretend to be UN ambassadors and debate UN agendas in a role playing exercise that is meant to inspire the idea that global governance is the future of the world’s nations.

Supported by the US Department of State , the global classroom has infiltrated more than 24 major cities public education system worldwide. Some of those cities are:

• Chicago Public Schools
• Kyung Hee University
• Lebanesse American University
• Mulberry School for Girls

At the University of Chicago’s Center for International Studies, globalization is being taught in order to “expose students to global issues, but also to empower them to think critically about their role as global citizens.”

In 2009, the ideals of globalization were inter-married with the public school system to educate students in Chicago about global issues over American ideology in order to prepare those young minds for a future where nationalism is destroyed as Agenda 21 eradicates borders and sovereign nations.

In the US there is a movement to restructure our cities into Agenda 21 megacities where private cars will be banned, forcing people to use high-speed mass transit, bicycles or simply walking to their destination.

Narrower streets and huge walls to separate the eco-city from the surrounding wildlife preserves will aid in controlling the temperature of the city.

In New York, Mayor Michael Bloomberg has initiated the construction of micro-apartment buildings in Kips Bay where 300 sq ft residences will be offered to New York residents under Agenda 21 stack ‘em and pack ‘em schemes.

Likewise, in San Francisco , 150 sq ft apartments are being built for the same purpose.

In Chicago, the reworking of public school curriculum is utilized to expand students’ knowledge of the equitable processes of the UN and therefore renegotiate politics and geo-political concepts under UN mandates for the benefit of the unification of all individual nations into the cradle of a One World Government.

Mainstream media would have the social conversation turn toward how Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is handling the teacher’s strike. There are implications planted that this outcome will impact Obama’s re-election campaign.

The introduction of the International Baccalaureate Curriculum,(IBC) with UN funding, became operational in more than 1,000 public schools across America.

This anti-American and anti-Christian doctrine is designed to teach American students to focus on “humanism, redistribution of wealth, and is very big on pluralism and that all religions are equal.”

The purpose of the IBC is to devise “world schools” beginning in the US and expanding into other industrialized nations.

Having been founded in Switzerland in 1968, this standardized curricula was devised to create global diplomats of all school age children.

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) provides funding for IBC under-cover of being a partner. A Continuum of International Education states that education is only worth having to create “citizens of the world” with “universal human values”.

These values are based on the UN Declaration of Human Rights as well as the UN Declaration of the Rights of the Child.

Basic educational skills that facilitate independent thought, reasoning, and deduction (such as reading, math and science) are being replaced with exploratory problems “concerning the weather, environmental protection, conservation, and energy” with a great emphasis of the global perspective, wealth redistribution and the differences between 1st and 3rd world countries.

The UN infiltration of our educational systems refer to pro-US beliefs and values as “American creed” where the capitalist system is confused with corporatism and condemned as an evidence of all that is wrong with the world where American is portrayed as a grossly wealthy nation who benefits from the expense of poorer nations.

Obama’s support of this curriculum is clear with the adaptation of federal standards that force public schools to use these educational controls or lose their funding.

Both Obama and Biden have openly supported the International Baccalaureate program with federal funding beginning in 2008.

And this is where the Chicago Teacher’s Strike meets the globalization of our schools by the UN.

Under new mandates, public school teachers can be evaluated out of their employment without evidence of misappropriation within their classrooms.

Even if the teacher follows the controlled and imposed educational demands of these UN funded programs, they will not be secured in employment due to a central policy that education is for all and if a teacher holds a position for too long, they are keeping another educator unemployed.

Susanne Posel

“PALESTINE” BECOMES A MEMBER OF UNESCO (Same group initiating IB at Walker Valley High)

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You don’t think we are in trouble in Bradley County Tennessee and the United States when the UNITED NATIONS has the influence to drive policy and destroy Bradley County and destroy Israel at the same!!!

Bradley County, this is no longer funny! Pam Geller an acquaintance of mine is and has been giving us multiple warnings as to the influence of the UN, UNESCO and Islam on our “modern global world!”

Many want to see us fail epically and there is currently an all out assault on our country/county and it begins as I mentioned with our children in Bradley County and reaches all the way to Israel and it’s ultimate destruction and recognition as a strong US ally!

I promise you if Israel falls at the hands of the UNITED NATIONS, so do we, the two last symbols of religious freedom and democracy in the free world!

Israel destroyed is the US destroyed! That simple! Both are happening even as we speak! The UN accepting Palenstine into its World covenant seals Israels death and assures Palestine legitimacy as an entity, empowering Iran and it nuclear program, severely weakening our alliances, our sovereignty and puts us at great risk of self destruction!

My dear sweet grandmother used to sit in a chair in front of the Grandkids on peaceful Sunday afternoons after church and warn us of these days and the assault on Israel that was coming! I looked upon her sincerity of the subject as warning to the next generation! She was prophetic in her delivery and planted in me a seed to pursue knowledge of this futuristic world event, thanks Nana, you were way ahead of your time!

What I find of particular interest in our country and in Bradley County is that the “religious, church going, bible thumping, holier than thou” people are the ones that are turning their heads to this reality and are being the catalyst for our eventual demise! Embracing the UN and tolerating their influence in our town and on our children! That is the real disaster and why should I be surprised, they are the same types that held Hitlers hand as he delivers Mein Kampf and his plans to takeover the world!

Listen closely as Pam Geller explains- These are the monsters created in Obama’s post-American world. The idea that a terror statelet whose entire reason for being is annihilation and genocide would be voted a member of the UN cultural and educational agency says more about the state of the UN today than anything.
“Palestine” is the stolen name of the state of Israel. Its sole contribution to humanity is the scourge of modern-day terrorism. It is also now a full member of The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Just last week, the leaders of the PA said that they would never recognize the Jewish state, and as their reward? Full membership in UNESCO. You just can’t make this stuff up.
This is clearly the work of the modern universal caliphate, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. Thanks again to Obama, who has successfully rendered America impotent in these matters. What a horror he is.
Every single penny of American freedom-loving, life-loving dollars should be withdrawn from the UN immediately.
This is one to watch. The Republicans should relentlessly beat the O-campaign over the head with this one. Is someone in the GOP making a list of his monstrous failures? Obama has singlehandedly done more to diminish American influence and dismantle the power structure in the world that was in favor of the good and the free than any of our enemies ever could. It is, in a word, breathtaking.

Source: Atlas Shrugged and Pamela Geller
November 12th, 2011

No sports for Bradley County homeschooler, but thanks for the tax dollars!

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No sports in Bradley County for homeschoolers!

A split 4 to 3 vote at a recent school board meeting says “NO sports for homeschoolers in Bradley County, Tennessee!”

The YES votes to allow this young man to participate in a county supported school were Vickie Beaty, David Kelley and Charlie Rose!

The NAYSAYERS were Chairman Troy Weathers, Richard Baker, Christy Critchfield and Rodney Dillard!

There was a one year pilot program suggested by Vicki Beaty (which I feel was a very good proposal) to see if there would be any issues that would surface from allowing a child to participate in football at Walker Valley High School being raised obviously by a very caring, yet non-traditional type family.

The Board room meeting was packed and charged with passionate home schoolers and their parents and the motion for a pilot was quickly shot down by the swift kick and leadership of Chairman Troy Weathers. One thing that was evident in the room was that this issue should have been considered at least as a pilot at the school. After all, the child was allowed to practice all summer and I didn’t hear of any issues that arose.

Board member Kelley and Rose expressed support for the pilot motion but did express concern for accountability and behavior type issues as a reason for hesitancy on the pilot. Walker Valley Principal Danny Coggins whom Im sure was towing the “populist, party line type vote” because we all know that you don’t stay a teacher or principal long if you don’t.

He said that he knew what the parents were trying to do but “you have to have accountability measures in place” Coggins stated further “that he could not sign off on a student being eligible to play if he could not verify eligibility to play.”

“Accidentally letting an ineligible student to play would jeopardize the whole team.” Mr Coggins, sir, there are already so many eligibility and behavior issues that are too numerous to count already from county students! Why do you fear that a home schooler is going to make the situation worse? Statistically, home schoolers don’t shut down school athletics programs!

Charlie Rose went on to cite TSSAA handout wording that clearly states that if a student is deemed ineligible because they knowingly provide false information, their punishment would be ineligible for a year.

Editiors insertion! Why? Because I can! 1st Amendment…..forget it! This means a child is eligible, just because his parents pay taxes and he is a living breathing child in Bradley County, HELLO, McFly? He becomes ineligible when he boo boos, he hasn’t boo booed yet, so he is eligible. Not ineligible just because he is a home schooler! Gaaaaah, this was a no brainer! Oh my this argument at the General assembly will be fun to watch and participate in, cant wait!

Mr Rose went on to say “the school board would not be responsible in this case, based on the wording on section 14 on page 24 of the handbook . Rose said the change was made about two years ago. School Administrators disagreed! Did you hear that school administrators disagreed with the TSSAA handbook, not believing the interpretation but disagreeing with the rule. It was so refreshing to see Rose, Kelley and Beaty stand up for this child, I believe they saw the human element in this this, did their due diligence and researched, came up with an appropriate argument to only have it nullified with tyrannical behavior such as comes from the Chairman of the board.

Kelley went on to say that this issue was going to be taken up with the Tennessee general Assembly in their next session. He said he feels a state law will be passed forcing schools to allow home school participation.

Chairman Weathers in his usual rapid fire Commando Dictatorial type leadership style says “THERE IS NO INDICATION THAT SUCH A LAW WILL BE PASSED! Tounge in cheek, because I will make sure of it! (note to self, my words, not his) Mr Weathers, let me remind you that if the PEOPLE want the law, there will be a law! You cannot dictate from the Chairman seat, just sayin!

EDITORS NOTE: Im a little dazed and confused here and many would argue that is my constant state anyway, but, if I am paying 60 % percent, did you catch that? 60 percent of my taxes to the Bradley County School Board in one form or fashion, my money is being used copiously like a heroin addict on a weekend binge by the board and many will argue (not very frugally,) but for every dollar in taxes that I pay goes to the school board, 60 cents lines the pocket of some semi wealthy Board of Education somewhere, don’t you think I should at least get something in return for that. I cast a novel scenario, if you refuse to let my homeschooler play sports, give me my tax dollars back and I will use that money to sign him to play elsewhere! You know that want happen, but why not?

Forget that he has non traditional parents (which I feel is part of the real issue anyway, you know that behavior thing from those “type” people!) but you have a young boy in his teens, tall, sandy haired muscular, good looking all American type boy with a desire to play sports at Walker Valley High, to increase his school experience, to get “the full experience” is being denied because bureacrats on the board are getting choked up on a rule that officially doesn’t even apply to this student or any homeschool student. But, its a “good global fit” to expose our children to Socialism, Marxism, Leninism and Communism with a 2 plus million dollar grant from the fed to start an expensive International Baccalaureate Program at Walker Valley that the taxpayers will have to foot, but a good kid cant play sports, go figure!

Note to self, board member Richard Baker did not attend Tuesdays work session but was “informed and updated by school administration” and his vote was ultimately the deciding vote at Thursdays board meeting! Hmmmmm sounds a little like DC in BC! Well played! You decide!

They made their decision based on a rule that pertains to a student within the system already. In this town, we have loads of behavior problems from non homeschool students on the teams who are still playing, because they will “contribute to wins.” Take for instance, a rule violation in the last few years that caused one of our local sports team to forfeit all their wins from the current season. I bet that was not a homeschoolers discipline problem!

What about the homeschoolers that are already participating, (I want mention them because it would be egregious to call them out in this forum, and if they are having the opportunity, please dont now take that away from them) I have cheered for many of them. Perhaps they are from church programs, that may make them “eligible”, I assume, although that still makes them ineligible, I would think. If that is the excuse they are using.

No child left behind! Race to the top! All these federal dollars going to a broken system and we cant even assist one and possibly others through our school system and allow them to play on a county team. My heart goes out to these guys whom for one reason or another have chosen to homeschool and now their dreams to play sports is no more at least for now.

I guess when you talk about “No kid left behind” I guess that only applies, well of course, only if you don’t home school.
Mr Weathers, once again you have peaked your liberal head up and negatively affected one of our students in our schools again. You have not been an advocate for the child but a puppet for the BOE! You shut citizens down in board meetings, you run citizens objections into the ground, you assemble a small group of “YES” people into a huddle and push the leftist agenda in our town. It is high time you and your cronies, your “YES” men and women, “NO” in this case are no longer “eligible” to play on the school board team.

Your behavior is not fitting of a Team player! You are now ineligible! How you like those apples?

The people, I know that is a tough bunch for you to tolerate, but, they are your boss. Like it or not you answer to the people and hopefully the next election will toss you out on your behind with the rest of the leftist, progressive, globalist politicians, I dare say. Yep your time is short and the next election the will of the people will hopefully “dictate” to you, your future, with the push of a button at the election booth! Just as you have stopped this child, you too can be stopped! The Republic is still intact and the will of the people at least for now, still gets the last word!

The Board Members that voted NO and left this child behind!
A change is due, just a suggestion that would turn our board back to “we the people!”

Vote and make your vote count!

This is the only true way we get change in Bradley County!

Contributing source: Cleveland Daily Banner

Unemployment Up Eight Percent Since 2001 in Bradley County

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7 Million Jobs Lost in 2 Years
Bradley County Unemployment Rate Nears 10 Percent, nearly 8 percent increase in 9 years!

Latest figures show the National unemployment rate around 9.1 percent for the month of May 2011! Estimates for June at 9.7%. Total Americans out of work, completely given up looking for a job, at around 16%This number is probably the most accurate number of what is really going on in America. More than 7 million jobs have been lost since 2008 in the United States. The endless spending, tax breaks, large incentive packages, luring large companies into our communities while catering to the big corporations, is bad business. The little guy with the small business is getting left behind and has zero chance of survival in this market. New taxes on small business owners like the corporate tax in some states have more than doubled since 2008. The Free Market that has made this country strong and has provided the backbone for this country greater than 200 years is becoming extinct. Allowing a friendly environment for the “little guy” to grow and prosper is now a thing of the past, but much needed. We are favoring the large corporations over the small company and it is putting the squeeze on them and putting many out of business or simply giving up because it is no longer in the best interest of small business to function any longer.
The state of Tennessee ranks in the bottom few for unemployment while the rate hovers around 10 %, 9.7% at last glance. In Bradley County the current unemployment rate is around 10 %, at approximately 6% in the City of Cleveland. In fact from 2001 the unemployment rate was around 2.8 %, leap forward to Jan 2010 and the rate jumps to 10.3 % on the back of tax and spend.

Based on our current census there is about 10,000 people not working in Bradley County Tennessee. The cost of living in Bradley County is 1.06% above the state average, the property tax rate is $ 1.79 per $ 100, sales tax in the city at 7.0 %., and with a recent tax increase in the city of Cleveland, Pending numerous County taxes, a water and wastewater hike of about 6%, a burdensome BCC Strategic Growth Plan calling for costs upward of 2 to 4 billion dollars, a huge southside development project in the hundreds of millions, a wildly irresponsible House Bill 1554 using TIF (Tax increment Financing), multiple year bonds, this most recent tax “oops” comes hand delivered by our 24th District State Representative Kevin Brooks. These numbers will drastically change for the worse in a few short years, this is very clear.

What is happening in Bradley County? Why does Bradley County have the sixth largest number of manufacturing jobs in the state yet we have one of the highest unemployment rates in the state? Its a stifling of the free market, stupid! The squeeze put on the local business man by The Chamber of Commerce in favor of large corporations is not being an ideal catalyst for continued growth. The CofC should be the gaurdian of the small business owner not the destroyer. This is a shame and this rsult of a failed tragedy begs for a change of strategy. The inadequacies and complete oversight of this NGO (Non Governmental Agency) should and will come to light as our economy collapse under a socialist type agenda. We are promoting and “bringing in” one large corporation after another and our net jobs have yet to increase and our unemployment continues to soar. One large Corporation in, many small businesses out, is a real dilemma.

President Obama, Bradley County and Cleveland’s elected officials plan to spend, spend, and spend is not, not not working. Your future and your ability to provide for your family are in jeopardy with the same old gaurd on watch. It is pretty obvious that this town needs an enema and in a bad way! We are constipated with reds who act blue,left who wanna be right, conservatives who act communist while adopting more Socialist ideas than our present president does. We must wake up before our local and national economy is ruined and we will all be looking for jobs in neighboring counties and seeking a way to feed our families!

(The source for most of this information was provided by SEIDA and the City and County websites of Cleveland and Bradley County.)

UNITED NATIONS IB Program at Walker Valley High

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This is one of many Letters to the Editor that were never published in Bradley County.

Tuesday, April 19th at the 530 pm Bradley County School Board
meeting a concerned, informed citizen with three children in the County
school system. I was denied my rights to address the board about a vote they
were about to cast that may affect my children and many children in the
community. The International Bacculaureate Program is about to be initiated
in our schools with little to no debate with the public, whom will be relied
upon to foot the bill. This program is set to be implemented in one of our
local schools initially, Walker Valley High School! No discussion as to the
facts of this program or where it originated nor the negative impact it may
have upon the minds and psyche of our children. This is another attempt to
indoctrinate my children and yours with moral, spiritual and social values
that I may,for the benefit of my children,not see it as a good fit and
could potentially unravel their existing spiritual structure, further
influencing their thought processes in an already influential social
environment of High School.
If I had been given the opportunity to voice my concerns in a public meeting
I would have told them this before a vote was cast. 1) Costs- In a school in
Wooster Ohio, (graduating an average of 5.5 students per annum) is costing
them annually around 1 million dollars for their IBP (International
Bacculaureate Program) just to maintain the program. IB training costs are a
tremendous burden on any school budget, 1) certification of teachers costs
about $ 1500.00 dollars per teacher to be trained 2) Application fees in the
neighborhood of $ 43,000 dollars, up $ 6,000 dollars from a year ago.3)
Teacher training varies from $20,000.00 to $ 60,000 annually.4) Salaries and
benefits for the “extra instructors”, 5) Reimbursements for IB evaluation
visits at $3,500 per visit, 6) Stipends for the CAS and EE Directors at $ 5
to 7,000.00 dollars, 7) Books and materials for the required courses, 8) IB
coordinators are reccomended at 25 per district.9) Postage to ship material
and recieve materials from all over the world at $ 5 to $ 7,000.00 annually,
10) Salaries for substitute teachers for missing teachers in training, 11)
Test fees per test taken, the national rate and it increases frequently at
96.00 per test as of September 2010, 12) IBDP student registration fees at
$141.00 dollars, 13) Annual authorization through world school, fees of
$10,000 dollars, 14) IB online courses through Pajoma.15) Rumored a 10 year
contract, although specifics of a contract are not widely known. The list
can go on and on!
In review of current data on the IB website and other sources I have seen
the percentage of schools that are publicly funded that have accepted the IB
program is around 93 percent. This is quite a difference in the data given
out at the board meeting by Dan Glasscock. This reflects a lot of tax dollars and the
funneling of alot of money out of our community and into a “Global
Community”. Many of the trends I have seen when IB is implemented in
schools, many students simply move away or are divided by an
over reaching school board attempting to manipulate the environments of our
children. Student buy in after implementation has been low based on the
demands on top of their current curriculum and the reality that their school
workload has just been increased tremendously, thus the 5.5 students
graduating from an IB program at substantial cost.
This program has a tendency, at least in my opinion and my review of the
system to take over a schools current curriculm and further burden it with
the heavy responsibility of accepting this program, because of demands and
time placed on teachers to fulfill the stringent, required oversight that
they are bound to contractually. Despite the stringent courses nationally
the graduation rate is around 60 percent. This is not a reflection of a good
program, this tells me the kids are becoming disinterested and are probably
dropping out or failing at a high rate. As one spokesperson of IB has said
about their program mission statement ” It must be made very clear that the
program does have a major role to play in the school and that intrinsic
values espoused by the IB program are relevant to the whole school”.
“Candidate schools must recognize from the start that this goes way beyond
holding the traditional “annual United Nations celebrations”.
Among the concerns besides cost and curriculum “take over issues”, you also
have the realization that this is a United Nations Program with subsequent
funding and oversight provided by UNESCO. I know this is tough to
swallow and the UNITED NATIONS has no business in our schools. The United
Nations is an international agency that advocates for social justice (what
is yours is theirs), does not follow or recognize or feel that they are in
anyway bound by the Constitution of our country, they practice
collectiveism, pluralism and believe the way of Karl Marx and Socialist
around the world. They also believe in collective human rights and do not
believe in presonal rights or inalienable rights as given us in our
Constitution. As a way of business, IB representatives participate regularly
in UNESCO meetings and allows UNESCO to be the “foot soldiers” for this
takeover of our school system. IB schools are positioning themselves to be
“social engineers” and our own Bradley County School Board is allowing our
children to be “experimental rats” in a Socialist, Facist, Marxist program
with the use of International, Federal, State and Local tax dollars to
indoctrinate our children with “Global views” with Socialist fibers running
all through this program.
To quote Peter Vardy speaking on “Values Education” at the IBO International
Conference in Hanoi, “The IBO needs to stand for a broader approach, in
particular it needs to engage with 1) religious beliefs, 2) ethics and
values, 3) issues of truth, helping people to become fully human” He went on
to say “we need to be helping our young people to be compassionate , caring,
ethical individulals. “This means we will be helping them to make a
distinction between what is right or wrong, just or unjust, true or false,
good or evil.” Dr Ian Hill wrote in a 1996 report to UNESCO of the
international Commission on Education said, “understanding and tolerance of
cultural differences and pluralism is obligating us to an environment of
protection and sustainable development. Dont know about you but I think
instilling values in my children is my job!
We are in trouble Bradley County! Our values, morals and spiritual beliefs
as we know them are in jeopardy! We have invited the “devil” into our
community and we are now going to pay the price for that joint venture. If
you have spiritual concerns, you better, if you feel our children will be
indoctrinated, they will, and with no american values instilled in their
education, free of personal liberty and inalienable rights. We are at a
crossroads! I ask where is the outcry? Where are the Patriots of years gone
by who have witnessed communism first hand and if we were in a different
time and place would be marching on the school board grounds denouncing this
Socialist United Nations invasion on our children and in our school system.
I am dumfounded at the lack of rage, perhaps I am overestimating the
American Spirit, but I love my country and I can no longer just sit back and
watch as she is brought to her knees by a leftist regime that is well intent
on destroying this country from the inside out. People of Bradley County,
this is no longer something you are reading in the papers happening in
another country or nation, this is happening in your back yard with your
children as the target. Will you make a choice to defend your sovereignty or
do we continue being sheep as if to slaughter.
My rights to speak out last night were taken away but your right remains intact.
Lets contact our schoolboard and ask them to not pursue a contract with this
socialist society. We can make a difference, but if you do not speak up, they
will win the battleand our children suffer. Ask the board why they would not
allow a concerned citizen to debate this issue that will take millions out of his
pocket and threaten his way of life. Ask them why they are allowing the United Nations
to come into our schools with this agenda. Stand up Bradley County! Lets be
true patriotic Americans and fight this plan for our schools. Ask them to
withdrawl support for this IB program and its many negative aspects that are
supported with over 60 percent of our Counties budget. Citizen input should
never be squelched by a few who think they know best, lets remind them that
they work for us and as elected officials they should listen to us or be
replaced at the next election.

My account of this is documented in the YOU TUBE video titled Agenda, Donny Harwood
it will pull right up!

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